The IWCE Convention 2023 will take place in Göttingen, one of the important cities in Germany when it comes to science.

The Convention is held in the „Alte Mensa“ downtown Göttingen, next to the historical Aula of the university. Over the years the „Alte Mensa“ has quite often changed its use: from concert hall, theatre, emperor’s hall and emperor’s café to home for students, Mensa Academica, Taberna, cinema and jazz hall. Since 2016 after restauration, the location is available for events, like seminars, workshops, receptions etc.

More about Göttingen

Göttingen, situated in the centre of Germany between the Harz mountains and the Weser river, is well known for its University, the fame of which is enhanced by 45 Nobel Prize Winners.

The historic city centre, enclosed by the remains of the mediaeval town wall, is home to magnificent churches and half-timbered houses dating from the 14th to the 18th century. Most of urban life takes place within these walls. All places of interest are located within a ten minutes’ walk. A guided tour will be offered on Monday, September 2. Reservation is required with registration.

Göttingen’s landmark is the Gänseliesel figure on the fountain at the market square in front of the Old Town Hall. This art nouveau statue figures a girl herding geese. It is a tradition that all new doctoral graduates from the University kiss the cheeks of the statue after passing their final examination. This makes her “the most kissed girl in the world”.